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About APEX

Apex Property Management is a result-driven property management company specializing in the power of sale industry supporting, lenders of all sizes and the law firms in which act for them. Our results-driving platform is second to none within the industry. Competitors processes slow the result, at Apex we seek the result required and customize the process to obtain that specific goal. We strive as a company to over-perform our client’s expectation in all categories, specifically performance, price and result. APEX 1 Team 1 Goal. We are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, please contact us for further details.

C.A.R.E. Program

C Contingency
A Action
R Response
E Execution

The C.A.R.E. Program is a systematic approach to identifying any potential obstacles during the property management program. All possible risks and damages are evaluated and restored reducing the potential liability to our clients. C.A.R.E. is our proactive approach to treating each client's specific needs on a one on one platform while addressing those needs through contingency planning, risk management and quick response, all matched with flawless execution.

Mission Statement

Our commitment to excellence and professionalism, as well as responsiveness and adaption to market forces, ensures that we provide the highest calibre of service to our clients.
When our clients achieve their investment goals through effective counsel and management of their real estate assets, we consider that our success.


Executive Profiles

President and Chief Operating Officer

Before he began leading operations at Apex, John held leadership roles focusing mostly on companies in the technology and healthcare service space. As the company’s original founder, John served as the CEO of Omaha Systems Inc. from 2003 to 2008. He was in charge of expanding the business from 4 employees to more than 120 staff members, and sales grew to roughly $20 million annually with his guidance.

Another leadership position John has held was that of COO for Meditate Technologies. He was tasked with setting and managing the overall strategy and direction of the company, and for leading strategic planning, marketing and sales, operations and R&D efforts there. John has now focussed that growth on the Ontario and Canada real estate markets, entering the property management space with a focus on the power of sale and foreclosure management. John Received his MBA from Boston College in 1980.

Director, Client Relations

Peter has been with Apex since 2012 serving in various roles. Most recently as Director of Client Relations, being tasked with maintaining and developing current client needs and requirements. Also tasked with assisting and developing the current book of business and striving for further growth within that book. Further to Peter’s list of ever moving targets are assisting in business development of new clients both corporate and individual as well as expanding our growing list of service offerings to clients. Peter formally held roles with PC Properties as their Director of Property Development and with Home Depot of Canada as Manager of Property Development and Growth. Peter obtained a BBA from the University of Western Ontario in 1996.

Director, Operations

Mark’s history with Apex spans over 5 years. He has worked within every facet of the industry and his experience is a significant asset for Apex. Mark works with our Operations team to ensure we are maintaining day to day business relationships and providing our business partners with top-notch property management services. Mark has held positions with Great Gulf Homes and prior to joining Apex worked with Regus Canada as Operations Manager. Mark received his BA from Laurier University in 2003.


Shannon has worked in multiple fields over her 15-year professional career. Shannon joined Apex in 2017 as a Controller overseeing the company’s financials and budget planner. Shannon works with Apex clients when developing budgets and for future financial planning, cost management and cost savings. Shannon has worked for Costco Canada and Cara Foods in similar capacities since her graduation from Ryerson in 2004.