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The City of Hamilton, particularly the Licensing, Public Health and Housing Divisions really appreciate the work Apex did in helping at 57 Proctor Boulevard and 28 Burris Street, and the transition of the property to your client’s hands.
The Apex Team have been more than accommodating to the needs of both City agencies and the residents of the two properties. There have been many comments made about the level of commitment Apex had in ensuring the process happened with ease and with tensions being de-escalated. Apex was very attuned to the various curveballs being thrown at all of us this week, and the lines of communication were always open to our needs. The attendance on September 26th, with food and refreshments for the residents was an above and beyond touch that is not seen very often by companies today, and the offer of hotel accommodation for some residents was awesome. In what could have been a very stressful and exhausting day, the efforts of you and Apex went a long way to ensuring that the needs of all were met and a happy conclusion was met.
All of us here at the City of Hamilton are very appreciative of the assistance of Apex Property Management.

Jim Gordon
Acting Supervisor, Licensing, Operations and Enforcement
Project Manager
Municipal Law Enforcement
City of Hamilton